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A season of reflection

November 29, 2018

This post is sponsored by Blurb – but all thoughts + ideas are our own.


I feel like 2018 just flew by. This year was full of “firsts” for us – our first wholesale order, our first tradeshow, our first year working this business full-time, our first year working the holiday season, etc.

We had the opportunity to partner with Blurb to create something to take time for reflection. Blurb is awesome because they make it easy and affordable to create a book suited just for you (and for others, if you want to sell your book on their platform!). I wanted to create something personal that I could hold onto but also wanted it to be useful, unique, and aesthetically pleasing so that it could match our bedroom.




We ended up a photo book Blurb’s software, Bookwright, to put together “Euni + Co. 2018”, a collection of our work from the current year. Bookwright was super easy to use and is a free software – you can insert photos, text, choose from various page layouts, etc. I chose a hardcover book with linen cover. I love how the linen hardcover is so thick + it felt so good to see/feel the book in person. The photos look great on the matte pages + it was worth it to me to spend a little extra for the hardcover since books are my favorite keepsake.


I started with January and got to include little snippets of November – when I was looking through our photos from the year, it made me realize how much we had actually gotten done. With this being our first full year of entrepreneurship, it was such a whirlwind – I didn’t get to sit and reflect as much as I wanted to, and it was month after month of different projects and tasks.




Our biggest “project” this year was exhibiting at the National Stationery Show in May. From January (more like since September 2017) to April, we worked on creating enough card designs and researching the world of stationery so that we could do a successful launch of our brand there. Months and months of prep for a four-day show – it was a crazy experience and we learned so much about the industry and met a lot of people and brands we had looked up to. It feels like the show was at least a year ago, and it’s so crazy to see how far we’ve come since May. We’re now gearing up for our second show this February, and super excited to show all the new things.




We also had the pleasure of working on lots of weddings this year and got to connect with so many talented individuals in the wedding/creative industry. We’re slowly trying to ease out of doing wedding stationery, but when I have clients whose visions so perfectly match up with our design aesthetic, it’s hard to say no. I love seeing others’ visions come to life with real, tangible details. I know how much my wedding details meant to me, so it’s an honor to be able to contribute something to our clients’ special day.




I spent a lot of time this year honing in on finding my own script style and finding a clearer voice for our brand. A lot has changed in over a year, and I think our designs definitely reflect this. While it requires a little bit of reevaluation and redesign, it’s an interesting process to look back and be able to add or take away design elements to fit who I feel that we’ve become. This gets me really excited for our next season and teaches me that change is fine, and it’s a natural process.




As we prep for our holiday season and 2019 launch, I feel so thankful and blessed for being able to run Euni + Co. I know that there is a lot in store for next year, and hope that we would have the capacity to be able to take in all that’s waiting for us.


How are you spending this time of reflection? What’s changed and what’s stayed constant?

If you could create a book that contains your own work, what would that look like?

Hope you are able to dive into a little bit of introspection to examine all the great (and even not-so-great) things that have happened this year to prepare you for an even better 2019.




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