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2019 Q1 | Recap + Review

April 3, 2019

Hi friends,


Happy April (already!?) The time is going by so quickly, and I feel like the last few months have been a whirlwind. In December, I had a whole calendar set up for blog posts, and then January came, we found out we were pregnant, and absolutely none of those blog posts happened -- I'm hoping we can find a way to make this a priority because I feel like Instagram as of now is the only way we get to really communicate with a lot of our audience, but those squares + short captions just aren't enough to really share our personal stories, business updates, + other fun things. 


On the personal front -- 

we've had a pretty robust few months so far considering a lot of that time was spent on taking care of my physical body to make sure everything was under control for baby Kim. So baby Kim was absolutely not planned + we were hoping to have kids maybe a couple years from now since we had made a lot of plans to grow our business baby this year, but God had other plans + we are not complaining (ok, so there was definitely a lot of complaining at first but now we are so excited, thrilled, and can't wait to meet baby Kim). Jisu and I are both planners and both wanted us to be in a "stable" place before having babies (which in theory sounds great, but also sounds nearly impossible). Late last year, I prayed that God fill my heart with unconditional love + that he would teach me what it means to love unconditionally, and then boom. So watch what you pray for, friends.


As for events + a review of the past couple months -- 

last December, we did a calligraphy workshop at Callus, and I was really excited to do this one because I hadn't done a lot of workshops in 2018 since we devoted most of our time working on building our stationery brand. We had some amazing sponsors Moonlit Skincare (graciously donated their Midnight Shift facial oil -- the lavender scent is amazing + works wonders for helping calm down before sleeping), JCoCo Chocolates (a local favorite! flavors + packaging are both amazing), + Sakura (the best pens! we use the brush pens + micron pens daily for our projects) for the workshop who provided gifts for our attendees, Natalie of Mist of Morning Photography captured all the photos, Tanya of Busara Flora created a gorgeous centerpiece for the table, and of course, my favorite cake lady, Kait of Cake Like Everyday provided holiday themed cupcakes -- it was a team effort. Here are some photos of the fun:



We attended our second NSS in early February, and got to catch up with a lot of our shop friends + met many new friends as well. This year, the show was combined with NYNOW. Jisu came along to help me set up + left on Sunday so I ran the booth from Sun-Wed on my own, and this year, it was definitely a bigger challenge because I felt really nauseous + sick most of the time. I think last year, I felt really pumped and got there really early and wasn't too tired in the afternoon or even after the show, but this year, I got there right on time in the morning and left straight for my hotel room and ordered delivery every night (living the glamorous life, right?). I wish I had photos to share but I didn't get to walk the show as much as I would have liked to, and actually didn't even take a photo of our whole booth set up! We got news a while ago that NSS was going to be happening again in August this year and we definitely won't be able to make that one, but we're hoping (fingers crossed) that we'll be able to attend at least of the trade shows in 2020 -- we'll have to see what changes are ahead of us.


Last month, I went to Palm Springs for Alt Summit 2019 for five days + had the most overwhelming but amazing time being surrounded with 1000+ ladies who are doing amazing things. I probably wouldn't have signed up to attend had we known I'd be pregnant, but we went, made it, and had a great time. Being an introvert, it was really overwhelming with so many people and so many decisions to make in regards to workshops, but I got to meet a handful of ladies that I can see myself continuing to stay in touch with and also got to see + room with my sweet friend Krisanna of Krisanna Elizabeth Co. in person for the first time (fun fact: we've been following each other on IG for years but this was our first time meeting in person -- although we both live in Seattle!) Here are some fun photos from ALT -- 



Now we're a few days into April + doing a lot of preparation in the back so that we can prepare ourselves for this year! Working on planning schedules for when baby comes + trying to figure out how things will all fall into place. For a control freak, it's not the easiest thing to let go, but I'm learning to let go + to trust in God even more during this process.


Hope you have a great week -- thanks for reflecting with us.



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